ZE:A's contract with Star Empire expires

Naver - Star News: [Exclusive] ZE:A's contract expires... Kwanghee, Siwan and Hyungshik become FA

1. [+3,454, -75] Seriously, they did well individually but flopped as group. They're the After School of boy groups

2. [+2,632, -56] But still, those three survived

3. [+2,056, -72] Only Kwanghee, Im Siwan and Park Hyungshik are well-known. The rest of the members, not so much

4. [+1,804, -78] Seungri: Kwanghee-ssi, what's your group's name again?

5. [+1,152, -30] Even though they didn't succeed as singers, I'm glad that the members got their names out there
-Well only three of them
-Are you forgetting Dongjun?

6. [+360, -16] Im Siwan and Park Hyungshik are more recognized as actors while Kwanghee as a  variety personality ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋAs for ZE:A as a group, I honestly don't know

7. [+305, -10] Aren't Park Hyung Shik and Im Siwan better off as actors? They clearly have the visuals and acting skills

8. [+254, -1] Star Empire wants to keep Im Siwan and Park Hyungshik but they don't wanna stay. I'm 100% sure they will go to agencies that manage actors

9. [+356, -37] It's more beneficial for these three to leave than stay with ZE:A

10. [+199, 0] I don't see a reason for them to remain in the agency

Naver - Sports Dong A: Star Empire: "Contract with ZE:A expires... Will support them until they make their decisions"

1. [+571, -11] At least, the members who got there names out there are in good position, what about the other members?

2. [+512, -47] Park Hyungshik's still young, his popularity is rising through 'Hwarang'. Move out of Star Empire while the love calls are pouring in

3. [+452, -38] Run away from Star Empire!!!

4. [+251, -19] You guys gain more by leaving ㅋㅋ

5. [+242, -23] I hope they don't renew


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